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We offer cleaning services to various commercial buildings including: offices, clinics, factory offices, gymnasiums, and banks. Call us now for a quote 919-888-0436

Commercial Cleaning
Here is our common cleaning schedule for commercial cleaning. We can adjust or add additional services if necessary:

General Areas
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces

  • Entrance doors and internal glass partitions cleaned for fingerprints and smudges

  • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains

  • Empty all waste paper receptacles

  • Disinfect light switches, light switch plate covers, and door handles

  • Replace waste receptacle liners

  • Vacuum fabric and wipe down other surfaces to remove dust and lint


  • Vacuum, sweep, or dust mop all hard surface floors

  • Vacuum all carpeted traffic areas

  • Thoroughly mop all hard surface floors

  • Remove spots and small spills from carpet

  • Vacuum all mats at entry doors

  • Wall to wall vacuuming of carpeted areas

  • Detail vacuum carpet edges and corners along walls and partitions

  • Dust all baseboards

  • Clean and disinfect counter tops, wash basins, toilets, toilet seats, and urinals

  • Clean and disinfect all dispensers, fixtures, and mirrors

  • Empty trash receptacles

  • Spot clean partitions and tile walls

  • Restock hand soap and paper products

  • Disinfect partition handles, door handles, and light switches

  • Clean and sanitize outsides of dispensers

  • Polish all dispensers, fixtures, and mirrors

  • Sweep and thoroughly mop floor

Break Area

  • Counters and table tops cleaned with approved disinfectant

  • Fronts of counters and chair cleaned

  • Sinks cleaned with approved disinfectant

  • Wipe down outside of refrigerator and microwave

  • Trash removed

  • Coffee machines turned off

  • Inside of microwave cleaned

  • Table bases and chair legs cleaned

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